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Meet Alan Robinson: Not the Cat Photographer, the Strategist

Meet Alan Robinson: Not the Cat Photographer, the Strategist

Early last year Daylight partnered with Alan Robinson, a marketing and growth consultant, not the cat photographer, specializing in purpose-driven marketing and revenue focused creative campaigns. We reached out to Alan to optimize our positioning strategy and build a roadmap for current and future growth at Daylight. We had an idea of putting more efforts into promising industries and possibly expanding our services but didn’t have a plan or bandwidth to get started.

Through our strategy work with Alan, our project experience, and feedback from clients, we found that expanding Daylight’s services beyond Design and Development and adding Strategy and Growth was a natural move for our team. Daylight has always had a strategy-first approach to projects and will continue to do so. Now, the addition of strategy, consulting, and growth expertise would allow us to build better partnerships and shared success with our clients. We liked the plan. Alan loved Daylight. Daylight loved Alan.
And just like that, we welcome Alan, not the cat photographer, as Daylight’s new Director of Strategy and Marketing.

Here’s a little more about Alan:

Alan is a digital marketing and communications professional with over 17 years of multiple industry specialties and diversified experience: brand management and strategy, creative direction and production, lead generation and consulting. Most importantly, he has a clear understanding of how to build a brand or product in the millennial market and balance creative initiatives with measurable goals. He is not a cat photographer.

From strategizing with large corporations to consulting with consumer and B2B startups, we’re excited to have Alan lead our talented strategy team and partner with Daylight’s clients to build strong marketing programs, and people focused brands.

Here’s what the new menu looks like:

Strategy & Consulting

  • Marketing & Growth Strategy
  • Technology Analysis & Innovation
  • Goal Setting & Roadmapping
  • Content Strategy
  • Cat Photography


  • Traffic Generation
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Usability Audits and Optimization
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Engagement and Touchpoints
  • Social

We already see a significant impact with our pivot, especially as more and more organizations come to us with a problem or goal to reach, but not necessarily a clearly defined plan on how to get there. Regardless of the engagement, we perform a thorough but efficient discovery and strategy session to dig deep and collaborate with internal teams to create a roadmap on how best to reach their goals. The result of our Discovery & Strategy phase is a professional, detailed technical and strategic plan with a project scope and budget that can hit the ground running if desired. Alternatively, if a client would like to get additional bids on the project from other companies, this playbook provides enough detailed information for their team to do so and truly compare apples to apples.

Sounds like everybody wins. Our partners. Alan. Daylight. Wanna meet Alan and talk marketing goals, strategy, and how he’s not a cat photographer?  Just let us know.

-See more about Alan here and here.


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