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Aurea Worx: Transforming the Customer Experience from Puzzling to Personalized

Aurea Worx: Transforming the Customer Experience from Puzzling to Personalized

The Opportunity

Aurea’s extensive collection of business software provides a wealth of solutions. Every new product Aurea adds to its portfolio creates an opportunity for its customers to innovate and expand with less risk. It also unlocks endless possibilities for the acquired brand’s existing customer base. At any given time, Aurea has multiple segments of customers and users in various stages of their journeys. Some need to realize their Aurea subscription fully, and others are hearing about Aurea for the first time.

With such a unique and complex model, controlling where and how strategic brand messages, product information, and account support are delivered can be challenging. They needed a strategic decision-making framework for and Aureaworks— their primary marketing website and customer-centric intranet and collaboration portal, respectively.


The initial ask for a simple decision tree to drive audience-segmented content distribution evolved into Daylight’s strategic solution to the big-picture problem of multi-touchpoint user experience and customer lifecycle. The result was a streamlined customer-centric experience and Worx. Worx offers a personalized, centralized one-stop-shop account experience. This fully reimagined community hub helps customers manage their Aurea software more efficiently and get more value from every product.

Project reach

  • Global strategy & engagement
  • Product onboarding & adoption
  • Pipeline & revenue generation
  • Digital customer experience
  • Account & product support


Customer-focused for more value

Aurea came to Daylight with a big question mark: how to get the right information to the right people at the right time. Through a deep dive into Aurea’s digital properties, internal processes, and customer journeys & lifecycles, we translated their executive vision into a cross-platform user experience.

Optimized Touchpoints for easy onboarding

Optimized digital touchpoints across multiple sites and brand experiences introduce newly acquired customers with crystal clear messaging. Users learn about their new Aurea Unlimited subscription and product onboarding content based on their persona and current tools—building brand awareness and trust from the beginning.

Personalized for more engagement

A personalized homepage welcomes customers with curated info most relevant to their immediate needs. Users get targeted news and product updates based on their job title, interests, and the Aurea products they use—plus quick access to support and documents from their dedicated Aurea account team.

Customized for more efficiency

Worx puts customers in control of their hub view with the WorxPanel: a robust set of customization options. They can add content modules, follow topics they care about, and put quick links to vital info right on their personal homepage.

Centralized for more convenience

Aurea’s customers now have a user-friendly one-stop-shop with clear pathways to get there. Instead of navigating across multiple touchpoints, all the tools are at their fingertips: support, knowledgebase, community, and collaboration spaces.

Strategic partnership for the win-win

Worx has transformed Aurea’s user experience, as well as their strategy—putting customer experience at the forefront. And by standardizing entrance points to Worx from their individual software websites, we’ve laid the groundwork for seamlessly adding new software as they continue to grow their portfolio.


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