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Revamping Wacom’s digital landscape: a case study on creating a unified e-commerce experience

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A seamless user experience is essential for businesses to succeed in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. Wacom Technology, a global leader in digital pen tablets and interactive pen displays, recognized the need to bridge the gap between their marketing website and e-store worldwide. They turned to Daylight, a trusted digital product agency, to help them overcome their challenges. In this case study, we will explore how Daylight successfully transformed Wacom’s global digital presence by creating a cohesive e-commerce experience, addressing geographic user flow needs, ensuring content clarity, and supporting upcoming product changes.


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Creating a More Cohesive E-commerce Experience

Wacom had two digital properties: a marketing website and an e-store website. The disjointed navigation between the two resulted in a broken user experience, impacting their global audience. Daylight worked closely with Wacom’s marketing stakeholders in EU locations, conducting multiple working sessions and strategic user experience research to tackle this challenge head-on.

A New Audience-led Navigation for the Global Website

Daylight implemented a new audience-led navigation across Wacom’s global marketing and e-store websites. By assessing the existing navigations and sitemaps, performing content audits, and identifying redundant content, Daylight created a cohesive prototype that guided users seamlessly through Wacom’s digital ecosystem.

Responding to Unique Geographic User Flow Needs

Wacom operates in diverse geographic markets worldwide, each with its user flow requirements. Daylight recognized the need for individualized user flows to support Wacom’s global audience.

Tailored User Flows for Different Geographic Markets

Daylight developed tailored user flows for different geographic markets. Users interact with the e-store or are directed to third-party stores for purchase based on their location. This approach ensured a personalized experience, optimizing conversions and customer satisfaction across the global website.

Providing Content Clarity

Managing multiple pages for each product posed a challenge for Wacom, resulting in content inconsistency and user confusion. Daylight worked alongside Wacom’s marketing stakeholders in EU locations to provide content clarity and ensure consistency across their global digital platforms.

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Streamlined Content Strategy for the Global Website

By conducting comprehensive content audits, Daylight identified redundant pages, pages that could be consolidated, and content that could be segmented to support specific audience-led user flows. This streamlined content strategy enabled Wacom to deliver clear and consistent messaging across their global marketing and e-store websites, catering to the unique needs of their diverse audience.

Supporting Upcoming Wacom Product Releases

Wacom was changing its product groups, including the introduction of new categories. They needed a scalable digital presence that could accommodate these changes seamlessly and effectively communicate them to their global audience.

Scalable Solution Architecture & UX Design

Daylight’s expertise in solution architecture and UX design played a pivotal role in supporting Wacom’s product changes on a global scale. The new navigation framework and content strategy provided the flexibility and scalability necessary to accommodate future updates without disrupting the user experience. Marketing stakeholders in EU locations actively shaped the architecture and design, ensuring its alignment with regional requirements.

The Results

We overhauled the navigation, creating a cohesive, audience-led prototype of the navigation to be leveraged by both the Wacom marketing and e-store websites to create a coherent experience for all users. 


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