A 10-year success story in B2B website performance & management

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Consistency and expert care are critical for building and maintaining a robust digital presence. Daylight’s long-standing partnership with Marchex, a leader in conversational analytics and customer engagement solutions, exemplifies the impact of our website management and performance services. We’ve worked with Marchex for over five years to ensure their digital front remains sharp, secure, and efficient. Let’s look closer at their site performance retainer, ongoing services, and the results we’ve achieved together.


Technical Support & Responsiveness

Security & Maintenance

Performance Optimization

Content Updates & Relevance

Risk Management & Data Protection

Technical Support

Our responsive support team has been at the beck and call for Marchex, addressing any website-related issues promptly and effectively. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, quick problem resolution is critical, and we’ve ensured that Marchex’s online assets remain consistently available to their users.

Security and Maintenance

Ensuring the safety and integrity of a website is an ongoing battle. We’ve been on the frontlines, fortifying the website with the latest security patches and WordPress updates. This relentless vigilance has protected them from potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Performance Optimization

Speed and performance are the unsung heroes of online success. By constantly fine-tuning’s performance, we’ve ensured their users experience swift load times and exceptional responsiveness, fostering satisfaction and loyalty.

Content Updates

Marchex’s industry is dynamic and ever-changing. To keep pace, we’ve offered seamless content update services, helping them add new information, update existing content, and maintain the website’s relevance to their audience.

Backup and Recovery

Disaster can strike at any moment. Our proactive approach includes regular backups and a robust disaster recovery plan, ensuring that Marchex’s critical data is protected and recoverable in the worst-case scenario.

Custom Development

To meet their unique requirements and stay ahead of the competition, we’ve provided custom development services, making their vision a reality.

But it’s not just about the retainer services we offer; it’s how we provide them that sets us apart. Our monthly retainer management and planning sessions with a dedicated B2B strategist have been instrumental in Marchex’s growth. We’ve forged a partnership beyond basic website maintenance by understanding their business goals and aligning them with our technical expertise. We align with their aspirations and adapt our services to meet their evolving needs.


B2B Tech

Services we provided

Websites & Digital Products

Strategy & Planning

UX Design

Technology & Development

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