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Harbor of Hope Launches New Website, GoFundMe Campaign

Harbor of Hope Launches New Website, GoFundMe Campaign

We’re excited to share that we’ve joined forces with Oregon Harbor of Hope on the launch of their revamped website and to create awareness around their holiday giving campaign.

There are many reasons why we’re excited to team up with a great organization like Harbor of Hope. For one, it’s all about mission. Making an impact in our community is core to everything we do at Daylight, and we make it a point to donate a portion of our services and fees to nonprofits that need our support.

And Harbor of Hope stands out among local nonprofits, fighting the homeless epidemic in Portland. They’ve been successful in garnering financial support from the business community and working with organizations, nonprofits, and government agencies on providing large-scale solutions to meet the most urgent unmet needs of those in our community. By 2018 Harbor of Hope raised over 1.7 million dollars, with plans to double that number by the end of this year. For 2019 - they’re aiming to raise over 2.5 million!

It’s safe to say that high (fundraising) goals are nothing new for them, and you can imagine it was no different when it came to setting goals for a new website. The powerful redesign consists of a cleaner, more streamlined user experience that educates the public about the nature and impacts of homelessness on the city and what they can do to help. 

Their current initiative aligns with the holiday giving season and aims to make a significant impact on local homeless communities. They have a fundraising goal of $300,000 which is the cost for two mobile vans: one that would offer shower services and one that would have laundry facilities. The trucks will include five private showers and 12 washers and dryers and will visit communities and encampments across the city. 

We encourage everyone to check out their new site and mission.  And, if you are searching for an impactful holiday cause, please consider giving to a campaign that will bring showers, clean laundry, soap, towels, personal need kits, underwear, and warm socks to those who need it.


Ali Lloyd

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