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Sweet Cheeks is the living embodiment of Dan Smith, a commercial refrigeration guy who took a daring leap of faith, planting his first vines on a rolling hillside just west of Eugene, Oregon, in the 1980s. As he farmed the land, his dream grew into Sweet Cheeks Winery & Vineyard. Today, the legacy continues as the family captures Dan’s DIY spirit, relentless curiosity, and passion for creating memorable experiences in every bottle of wine.

Across brand strategy, messaging, identity design, packaging, and a new website, a back-to-basics brand initiative re-imagines the Sweet Cheeks brand, bringing forward a modern expression of Dan’s pioneering spirit.


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A Modern Take On A Laid-Back Legacy

So why did Sweet Cheeks come to us? They wanted to open up the brand to create appeal beyond on-premise sales—and they needed an identity that was modern, timeless, and built to scale. The rebrand also needed to communicate Dan’s unconventional path into winemaking, his laid-back sense of humor, and the woman-led company’s modern vision.

Looking for a Little Bit of Magic 

Our initiative began with digging into the core of Sweet Cheeks, which meant unlocking Dan’s story. We found a narrative that balances his humor, DIY spirit with no pretense, and a lofty but straightforward dream—to bring people together to share great wine and views of the lush, rolling hills of Oregon’s Southern Willamette Valley. Easygoing Elegance became our mantra, speaking to their products and laid-back philosophy that great wine doesn’t have to be complicated. 

New brand images created for Sweet Cheeks Winery

Connecting to the Farm’s DIY Spirit

This foundational thinking informed our vibe and art direction—modern, natural, and hand-crafted. The simple pleasure of sitting back, soaking in the views, and sipping fine wine emerged through hand-drawn elements and heritage icons. Inspired by the seasonal colors of the family vineyard, a moody yet earthy foundation took shape, with pops of vibrant secondary colors completing the palette.

New Sweet Cheeks Winery brand assets

Bottle Designs and A Comprehensive Packaging Overhaul 

We embarked on a  journey to redefine the essence of the winery through a comprehensive package overhaul. Inspired by heritage and place, we carefully curated elegant serif and approachable sans serif typefaces accompanied by delicate artwork.

A bottle of wine with a brand drawing

To add a personal touch, we introduced heritage icons enriching the bottle’s narrative. This meticulous redesign captures the winery’s welcoming yet sophisticated ambiance, inviting wine enthusiasts to embark on an unforgettable experience.

Sweet Cheeks Winery Labels

Every bottle tells a unique story, as intricate illustrations gracefully transition into whimsical renditions of breathtaking panoramas. Each tier of the wine is represented, evoking a sense of prestige and allure.

Sweet Cheeks Winery Reserve Bottle
Sweet Cheeks Winery Labels
Sweet Cheeks Winery Labels
Sweet Cheeks Winery Labels

The Digital Destination

The reimagined brand and digital destination of Sweet Cheeks is informed by the experience of a working winery. It effortlessly captures the essence of Dan’s laid-back philosophy and the picturesque rolling hills. The high-end web experience unveils a vision of uncomplicated wine enjoyment, complemented by enticing bottle shots and family-farm-focused imagery. It welcomes visitors to the winery, inviting them to indulge in a diverse lineup of hand-crafted wines that cater to every palate. A companion to an uncomplicated wine experience, it brings forth goodness, pleasure, and the most treasured moments of one’s day.

Sweet Cheeks Winery Website Screenshots


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