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Developing and executing long-term strategic transformation to elevate a waste and recycling brand

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Rogue Waste is a respected leader in southern Oregon, thanks to their environmental innovation and community outreach. Their largest division, Rogue Disposal & Recycling, provides services to thousands of residential and commercial customers. In addition, Rogue Waste operates several related businesses, like composting, shredding, and a responsibly managed landfill. But the Rogue Disposal & Recycling website was painfully outdated and cumbersome. That’s why Rogue went looking for a strategic partner to bring their digital experience in line with the company’s values of service and sustainability.


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The Opportunity

Rogue’s website had been built over a decade ago and added to piecemeal over the years—resulting in a clunky user experience that made it hard for customers to quickly find key information like collection schedules, bill pay, and sign up for services. And because the site didn’t capture the full picture of Rogue’s service offerings or tell their brand’s compelling story, users had no way to know about additional services they might benefit from, or just how innovative their local hauler really is.

Discovery With Daylight

Rogue was seeking more than a vendor—they needed a strategic partner. Enter Daylight’s comprehensive discovery process. We started with a deep dive into their business to fully understand needs and pain points. By gaining insight into the full breadth of Rogue’s brand—including several additional business units and the depth of their environmental innovations—we created a set of strategic recommendations that would have a truly impactful result: not only technology and design solutions, but also user flow through offerings and customer service, brand storytelling, and strategic marketing to align business divisions and promote cross-selling. This discovery process was crucial in creating a solution that supports Rogue’s strategy, as well as giving them a roadmap for transforming their digital landscape.

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Better Customer Experience = Better Business Opportunity

Great customer service is a core value at Rogue, so making the site more user-friendly was a main priority for the redesign. The Rogue team knew the difficulty customers had navigating the website sparked many of their customer service calls: users simply couldn’t find detailed services information they needed or forms necessary to sign up for service, report damaged carts, change addresses, and other crucial functions. Daylight created an online experience that helps customers get what they need quickly and easily; the resultant reduction in customer service calls freed up staff to tackle other business needs, making operations more efficient.

Rogue’s website residential services web page

A Design That Puts Users First

Daylight created personas for Rogue’s core customers to identify their needs and map their journey through the digital landscape. This deep understanding of user needs allowed us to transform a sprawling website into a functional and user-friendly destination. From secondary navigation that travels down the page to targeted calls-to-action, everything has a clear use case and supports a coherent user journey—putting into action Rogue’s customer-centric values.

Seamless Brand Experience

Certain features of the website—like online bill pay and collection calendars—required integrations with existing third-party systems. But it was important to Rogue that customers have the same great usability and design throughout their journey, even when using these external tools. So Daylight embedded these tools seamlessly into the site design, giving users a cohesive visual experience no matter where they travel on the site. Additionally, we created a digital design style guide to inform development of Rogue Waste’s other web properties to create a seamless digital brand experience across the entire enterprise.

Rogue Disposal & Recycling Style Guide

Capitalizing on Opportunities

Being a strategic partner means looking for opportunities to enhance our client’s business—and our discovery process revealed that upleveling Rogue’s other business lines was an ideal way to add value. Over the years, Rogue’s customer-centric strategy had prompted them to add additional services—like composting and shredding—to meet their users’ needs and fulfill their “full-circle” business objective. But these sub-brands had been buried on the old site, leaving opportunities for cross-selling on the table. Our redesign makes it easy for customers to discover these brands, and new websites that match the look and feel of Rogue’s umbrella brand.

Rogue's umbrella brand logos

More Efficient Digital Management

Daylight built a custom site for the Rogue Disposal & Recycling site using Craft CMS, as it offered the best security and customization to create a streamlined, intuitive backend. The solution allows Rogue to easily make updates, giving their team full control of their content without any chance that they’ll break the system or bog down operations with inefficiencies.

By creating modular content components, Daylight made design and development efficient—resulting in time savings not only for this project, but for the ongoing development of Rogue’s digital ecosystem. Because Rogue’s site administration had been splintered and siloed across different business units and microsites, Daylight developed microsites for other business divisions leveraging the same brand and content components, making it faster and easier for Rogue staff to manage all their web properties.

Rogue’s commitment to environmental sustainability

Telling Stories That Really Matter

Rogue’s commitment to environmental sustainability is a core value of their company—and after seeing it first-hand during our discovery process, we knew it was a story that needed to be told. In our role as strategic partners, we advised Rogue to devote a section of its site to educating customers about their innovative work in creating a closed-loop system and the many ways in which their operations work to improve and protect the environment. Capturing this crucial aspect of Rogue’s business philosophy amplified the brand and showcased their deeply innovative practices.

A Site That Exceeds Expectations

Upon launching the new site, Rogue customers immediately enjoyed a better experience, finding information more easily and discovering additional services. Rogue was thrilled with the results, noting a drop in customer support call volume as users were better served through the website. The site is also succeeding in other key goals, such as increased traffic and efficiency gains from increased online bill pay and form submissions. And most importantly, the website now represents the true identity of the Rogue brand, from its multiple business ventures to its inspiring environmental and community outreach story.

Ongoing Partnership

A truly successful project, in our eyes, is one that provides ongoing value for our client. That’s why we’re thrilled that Rogue is partnering with Daylight for ongoing innovation and development of their digital marketing strategy. In addition to launching new sites for Rogue’s shredding and composting businesses, we’re engaged in ongoing optimizations to SEO, email outreach, microsites, and an employee portal—all of which will continue to improve efficiencies in Rogue’s operations, increase cross-selling opportunities among their business units, enhance the user experience, and continue to develop Rogue’s overarching brand.


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