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New Daylight Team Member: Jenn Spencer

New Daylight Team Member: Jenn Spencer

We’re kicking off summer here at Daylight by welcoming a new member of the team - web developer Jenn Spencer.

After spending most of her adult life traveling and working in various industries as a self-proclaimed professional nerd, Jenn decided to give her cats and suitcase a break and head back home to the Pacific Northwest. She brings extensive experience in web development and design to the Daylight team, mostly in the form of knowledge on what not to do and a few hair-brained ideas on what would be really fun. Jenn took time off from the tech industry twice: she worked in restaurant kitchens and learned how to make a lot of food at the same time while swearing a lot, and she’s a beauty school drop-out.

We’re excited to have Jenn join the rest of our developers Dave, Dan and Cameron in working hard on new client projects and exploring excited development arenas like Craft CMS. The rest of us are excited to have a new foos partners as well! A highlight from her full bio is below, but learn more about Jenn here.

What is the most valuable tip you’ve received about your career?

“Never stop learning, never stop searching for new ideas. That crazy concept you read about on a blog might be the next big thing you need to know, and it’s going to happen quicker than you realize.”


Anna Gillespie

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