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Daylight's Fresh Faces

Daylight's Fresh Faces

It’s been over a year since our last New Team Members post, so it’s high time we introduce the newest faces at Daylight. Learn more about them below.

Michelle Llaguno
Last October Michelle joined the Daylight team as Office Manager and heads up operations. Michelle handles human resources and invoicing; leads several of our social media/marketing campaigns; and coordinates and organizes company philanthropy and team building activities in addition to managing all of the little things that make our office run smoothly (such as keeping the kitchen stocked with trail mix, our go-to snack at Daylight).

Originally from Las Vegas, Michelle moved to Portland in search of cooler weather a little over a year ago after a 12-year stint in Austin, TX. While Michelle has not yet found the cooler weather she was searching for as it’s been one of the hottest summers in Portland history, she quickly found her niche in Portland and at Daylight. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the McCoy College of Business at Texas State University where HR became her focus. She is especially interested in the current movement in HR (or ‘People Operations’ in ‘Googlese’) that increases focus on employee happiness/talent management and business strategy. Michelle is a certified book nerd, reading 2-4 books a month, some of those business related but most in the fiction realm. She also runs a food blog, where she talks recipes and local food scenes. Other hobbies include sports-watching (go Timbers!), wine-drinking, and hanging out with her English Bulldog and soon-to-be husband, Derek.

Cameron Macfarlane
In April Cameron joined the Daylight team as a back-end developer. His naturally competitive nature (on and off the foos field) keeps him driven as a developer in a continually challenging environment.

His great attitude and strong belief in delivering the best work possible have made him the perfect addition to the Daylight crew.

A born and raised Oregonian, Cameron headed south to California to attend San Francisco State University. While Camerona originally was an accounting major, as his graduation date drew near he realized that accounting wasn’t his passion and decided to go back to something he’s loved since he was young, programming. The change worked well for him and he quickly found work as a back-end developer in the Bay Area. In June 2013 Cameron moved back to his home state and his weekends are now filled with hiking, camping, fishing, and photography. Similar to many Daylighters, Cameron considers himself a coffee connoisseur, especially cold brew during the summer months. Additionally he enjoys cooking, shredding face melting sweeping arpeggios (playing guitar), going to as many concerts as possible, and even web developing for fun.


Michelle Llaguno

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