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Usability Audits

Usability Audits

Ever wish you could get into users’ heads and figure out what they loved about your website or app, and where they got stuck? Enter the world of usability audits.

Daylight’s usability audits procedures begin and end with users’ needs. We organize your user base into groups, determine what each group is looking for, and diagnose issues and stumbling blocks through a process rooted in user flow mapping, testing, and analytics.

As we test our strategy against the current iteration of your user experience, we also gather benchmarking and focus group data to further develop a platform that reaches beyond your users’ expectations. Along the way, you’ll gain a singular understanding of the diverse ways in which users interact with your brand.

Areas of Expertise

  • Baseline Site Analytics
  • User Testing
  • Personas
  • Benchmarking
  • Focus Groups

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