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Springbrook Software thrives on inspiration. Words that make government officials twitchy—like redundancy, security or efficiency—are the very ones that motivate Springbrook. They’re in the business of solutions, or—more precisely—government-specific, cloud-based software systems to help save time and money. Springbrook called on Daylight for a website redesign and better messaging to reach its audience, and align with a company rebrand.

New User Flow

To launch a new website, we first take a look at the overall web strategy and “user flow.” Working with content experts, we helped Springbrook re-map the user’s experience and build a site that’s friendly and intuitive.

We enlisted our friends at Conveyor, a local content strategy firm, and internal copywriter Catherine Needham to tackle content. Together we collaborated on a deep-scrolling homepage that highlighted key products, driving traffic into the core of the site—the software product pages.

Springbrook new user flows diagram

Modern Design & Custom Art

Taking our cues from the new company branding, we applied a modern interface and built a series of custom graphics. The client was thrilled with how well we translated the new branding guide into the website design.

We took the design a step further by ensuring the new vector art would scale responsively in the browser with crystal clarity for high-resolution screens. We also helped by art directing photography and image editing to complement the graphics.

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By building the site using the FUEL content management system, we provided Springbrook the power to both edit and update the site. We also built a new resource section with six resource libraries to provide even more customer support. This meant the Springbrook team could meet audience needs beyond their product base, positioning themselves as a thought leader and trusted resource.

Goal: Conversion

Daylight’s initial planning identified one key goal of the site—conversion. Because site visitors wouldn’t actually purchase the Springbrook product on the site, we integrated a comprehensive quote request system that fed directly into Salesforce. We then crafted beautiful quote request pages with a single message leading to the forms and clear calls to action throughout the site.

Springbrook website on laptop screen

A complete, from the ground up, redesign of our corporate website was a huge undertaking. I can’t image how we could have done it with anyone but Daylight Studio. Capable, professional, and a dream to work with. And we got a site that exceeded our wildest hopes. We asked for a website. We got a business generating machine.

Bert Lowry

Director of Marketing


In addition to the modern upgrade, a major underlying element of the redesign project was a goal of attracting investors. Not long after the site launch, the website (along with Springbrook’s software and amazing team of course) attracted Accela, a larger business, that has since acquired Springbrook. We consider that a job well done.


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