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Optimization and Analysis

Optimization and Analysis

Optimization is a strategic imperative. The faster and easier your users can get from Point A to Point B, the greater the chance they’ll stick with you—and the better the outcomes you’ll achieve as a result.

We believe optimization is a basic and ongoing component of executing your strategies. Rather than identifying opportunities to optimize after the fact, we make sure to focus on making your solution more efficient during the implementation process. We get data and help you make informed decisions.

At Daylight, optimization might include reducing server load, decreasing page load times, improving user experience, and reducing user bounce and exit rates. We track metrics often and help you better understand your customers and their behaviors. In certain circumstances, we can even help you save money on hosting expenses, so you have more to invest in your organization and brand.

Areas of Expertise

  • Site Analytics and Reporting
  • Conversion Funnels
  • User Behavior
  • A / B Testing
  • Customer Feedback
  • Experience Optimization

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