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Argyle is more than another stop on a wine tasting tour through Willamette Valley. Founded in 1987, the Dundee, Oregon company is the only American winery to have three wines—white, red, and sparkling—listed among Wine Spectator’s “Top 100 Wines of the World.” When it came time to redesign their website, Argyle called on Daylight to bring that across-the-board commitment to excellence to their online brand, e-commerce platform, and user experience.

A New, Culture-Forward Brand

Over four years, in preparation for their 30th year in business, Argyle underwent a significant brand evolution. From packaging to building interiors, the winery debuted an elegant look and feel that reflected not only the sophistication of their wines but the company’s dedication to sustainability and role as a patron of the arts in the Pacific Northwest. Argyle’s website, however, remained stuck in the past.

oregon winery visual branding

A Website In Desperate Need of a Refresh

Argyle’s previous website fell short on several counts. Besides failing to showcase the depth of the winery’s brand story and product portfolio, the site posed technical hurdles to visitors in terms of user interface and online shopping experience. Moreover, key content related to Argyle’s Wine Club and Tasting House was not at the forefront where it belonged. For these reasons, the Argyle team decided it was time to push marketing boundaries with an exhaustive website relaunch. But to get the job done, they needed the right digital partner.

previous website screenshots from 2013

Enter Daylight

Fortunately for Argyle, pairing thoughtful brands with tailor-made digital solutions is what we do best. The winery engaged Daylight to build a website that would meet the following needs: a customized, modular content management system (CMS); an improved user navigation flow; a full content refresh, including new copy and images; and third-party e-commerce platform integrations.

Daylight team inspecting the Dundee Hills vineyard
wine direct ecommerce customer store design

Winery eCommerce Integration

Specifically, the website would need to work with vinSUITE, a leading e-commerce, wine club, and marketing automation software platform that manages all of Argyle’s products in the winery’s online store.

Step 1: Discovery and User Flow Mapping

The project started with a discovery process. We took an extensive tour of Argyle’s tasting facilities, met with their head winemaker, and saw (and tasted) the work that goes into their incredible products. Our high-level review of the business revealed that the goals of the project would be to increase online sales and Tasting House visits, improve the quality and breadth of brand storytelling online, and help Argyle retain Wine Club members longer. This led us to identify the needs of primary user types and, collaborating with the marketing team, we designed a user flow map.

in webpage navigation

Step 2: Building the CMS

Argyle had detailed specifications for their CMS. Given the nuanced characteristics and seasonal nature of their wines, the team knew they needed to keep track of copy and easily coordinate, update, deploy, and duplicate product descriptions and other cornerstone content throughout the site. We developed a modular, block-based system through which the marketing team can add all of the pieces of the story in one place. Using the system, the team is able to pull content elements—in three different formats—to multiple pages throughout the site, informing visitors without diverting them away from their current action.

CMS modular content management using a custom wordpress post type

Step 3: Managing the Integrations and Wrangling the Data

We built on top of a basic install of WordPress. This enabled us to develop custom integration, allowing for data to be transferred between vinSUITE and Argyle. We worked with the vinSUITE team to pull data into WordPress and manage it there on the backend. On the frontend, we developed custom product display templates. We also designed a shopping cart for vinSUITE, which handles final checkouts. Thankfully, we were able to retain Argyle’s existing e-commerce database, so it was easy for the team to transition to a new look with enhanced shopping functionality—including filters, multiple viewing sizes, and expandable content.

wine direct shopping cart checkout dropdown custom design

Step 4: Nailing the Rebrand

We wrapped up the project by creating an eye-catching, responsive design consistent with Argyle’s revitalized brand. The new website features high-resolution photos and provides quick access to various pieces of key information. We created prominent buttons that would draw visitors toward the goals we specified at the beginning of the project, and guided the team in producing engaging page content. One major area of success is the Trade & Media Resources page, which highlights key sales and tasting information, making life easier for Argyle and its salespeople and distributors.


The results speak for themselves. Year over year, Argyle’s website visits increased by over 11% and pageviews by over 18%—with a 108.6% increase in Visit/Tasting Room pageviews. The website’s mobile responsiveness paid off, big time: revenue from mobile customers increased by a staggering 767.5%, with mobile conversion rates up by 464.1%.

  • Bounce rate decreased by more than 12%
  • e-commerce conversion rate increased by more than 5%
  • Purchases increased by more than 22%
  • Revenue increased by more than 44%
  • Visits from mobile devices increased by more than 20%
  • 13 targeted keywords ranked on page 1 of search, with 9 in the top 5
Argyle winery custom website development screenshot on multiple devices

Introducing the New Argyle, Built on the Best Parts of the Old

Argyle gained a fully responsive website that not only matched their new brand and was custom-built for their unique content needs but provides users with an improved shopping experience, is optimized for mobile e-commerce, and integrates with an e-commerce industry leader. By working with Daylight, they also gained a partner able to bring complex and fluid creative strategy to digital reality. Now, the winery has complete flexibility to test their concepts and push digital marketing boundaries.

winery website mobile menu custom design and development

Words We've Heard

Argyle Winery

“Daylight's work met important KPIs for the website. We have seen an increase in sales, traffic, and conversions. Daylight Studio’s work allowed us to exceed all of the goals we set. Their team came up with innovative ways to think about the development of the site.“

Tanya Zumach

Digital Strategy Manager
Argyle Winery

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