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How GoTags increased conversion rates with Lemonstand

Daylight is dedicated to building the right digital solutions that generate the best results for our clients. Of course depending upon the client goal, some results are more measureable than others. When GoTags, which offers a wide variety of identification tags for pets and people, launched their ecommerce platform the results were easy to track, for what store doesn’t want higher volume, revenue and conversion rates.

Measureable Goals

Our first step in any digital project – website build, search engine marketing, etc. – is to work with our client to identify clear goals for their project. With an ecommerce website, the goals are often easily measurable and tied to revenue. Also important are stats like conversion rate, average order value, and more.

For GoTags, which approached this project looking to upgrade their ecommerce website from a custom PHP platform to a hosted one with modern design and the flexibility to make desired changes, those goals were clearly made after launching in November 2015:

  • 500% increase in order growth compared to the old platform
  • 166% increase in monthly order volume
  • 25% increase in desktop ecommerce conversion rate
  • 70% increase in monthly revenue
  • 202% increase in monthly revenue from mobile devices
  • 16% increase in mobile ecommerce conversion rate

How We Got There

GoTags approached Daylight, after working with an initial designer on a few page designs for the new site, to assist them with wrapping up designs and building the new website on a new ecommerce platform (they were leaning toward LemonStand*). After an initial discovery session to determine the client’s needs, followed by additional due diligence into a few ecommerce platforms, we proceeded with LemonStand, which was the best fit for the client’s needs and future plans.

The second step was to review the pre-existing designs and make any adjustments to help those designs translate to a responsive website build while incorporating LemonStand’s powerful ecommerce features including custom fields, related products and reviews. During that process, we also identified and resolved all design holes such as missing pages and missing functionality for quality UX/UI.

As this was our first project in LemonStand, a few questions about LemonStand’s features arose during the development process and we were pleased with how quickly the LemonStand team responded. But what impressed us most about working with LemonStand was their quickness to respond to new feature requests. After the initial launch of the site GoTags wanted to add a few new features (for example the ability for GoTags to respond to reviews) to their site but some of the necessary functionality wasn’t yet supported by LemonStand. An email out to LemonStand, followed by a few days of their developers working, and the new feature was in place and ready for us to design and implement for GoTags.

A Great Partner

It should come as no surprise that with results like these, we’re not the only team proud of GoTag’s success.

* LemonStand closed in June 2019 and is no longer available. GoTags has since switched platforms.


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