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September and October were quite the busy months for Daylight with several members of our team getting out of the office and attending local events. Among the topics covered were identity design (Design Week Portland pop-up), fashion design (CreativeMornings Portland), and the importance of work/life balance (Portland HR Management Association).

Design Week Portland Pop-Up Speaker: Paula Scher

Formerly held in October, Design Week is being moved to the spring. In order to help fans of the event transition to the new schedule, pop-ups were held throughout October and we were fortunate to hear famed designer Paula Scher explore her thoughts on modern identity design.

Scher summed up identity design as “making something understood, in the right way, for the right place.” Her example of work for the Philadelphia Museum of Art resonated with us the most. Well known for the momentous scene in Rocky, the stairs up to the Museum of Art were frequently the tourist draw rather than the museum itself. Beyond the famous stairs is an amazing institution that needed not only a new logo but an updated identity. What Scher produced emphasized creativity and a living identity of what the art and history housed inside. You can learn more about this project here.

Creative Mornings Portland Speaker: Adam Arnold

As part of the Creative Mornings series, Adam Arnold recently spoke about the theme of “Shock” at Revolution Hall. With 13 years of local fashion experience, he presented his story with dual projectors (digital and overhead), which he used to collage, draw over, and even (when speaking about his murder scene show) drip blood onto the imagery. 

Adam described growing up with parents who would play tricks on him. One incident included his mother convincing him to stretch his arms out to touch the stove and dishwasher simultaneously, delivering a surprise shock to his body. Rather than holding on to the anger he felt, Adam used this element of surprise and shock as a thread in his work as a clothing designer. 

Today, Adam has designed clothing around the big gulp drinking comfort cult, a hotel murder scene, and a boxed sick albino—all pushing the boundaries of what you’d expect to see on the runway. Beyond the shock, Adam also spoke largely to the balance of professionalism and thorough execution as equally important ingredients in his body of work. To learn more about Adam Arnold visit his website.

PHRMA Work/Life Integration

As a member of the Portland Human Resource Management Association, the local affiliate of SHRM, there are a myriad of options when it comes to HR-related events and learning opportunities. Last week we had the pleasure of hearing esteemed life-coach and HR consultant, Megan Leatherman, speak about Work/Life Integration.

According to Leatherman, work/life balance, that elusive construct, is simply not possible. Instead of thinking that your work life and home life have to be balanced, implying that they are in competition with one another, consider the idea of integration instead. To her, our work, home, community, and private selves should be essentially working together to create harmony, each also contributing to the other in a healthy way. At times work is more important and should be focused on, other times home life needs a little more TLC. Leatherman encourages all of us to dig deep and find out what our goals and priorities are to create the life we want. To learn more, check out her blog The Integrated Workplace.

It was a fascinating workshop and we look forward to digging a little deeper and finding more balance in life. She ended the talk with a quote from Howard Thurman, which I’ll share here as well: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Growing As a Team

Continuous learning is a key value at Daylight. We spend each day challenging ourselves to grow and we welcome the opportunity to continue this growth and exploration outside our office walls by learning from some of today’s brilliant minds. As the digital landscape grows and changes (and as our team grows), it’s important to adapt and grow with it.


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