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Esther Godoy

Web Developer

Esther Godoy

Australian born and Portland-based, Esther happened upon web development as a way of instilling in herself the power of public broadcast. Needing a website for a women’s skateboarding organization she had founded, Esther started her career with an old MacBook and a tonne of online tutorials. Fast forward 7 years and Esther’s a full-time web developer, totally immersed in the field and loving every moment of it. Outside of nerding out on the internet, Esther loves portrait photography, snacking, yoga, seeing the world and checking out all of the amazing swimming spots the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

When you’re not working, you are probably?

Eating or patting strangers’ puppies on the street. I also love portrait photography, yoga, swimming and when time allows, travelling.

What is your favorite phone app?

Headspace - five minutes of meditation a day keeps the cortisol away!

Where do you go to escape Portlandia?

Back home to visit my family and friends in Melbourne, Australia ! Or when time allows, one of the weird and wonderful 49 other states this country has to offer. I’m on a mission to visit all 50 before 2025.

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