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Susannah Cole

Social Media Specialist

Susannah Cole

I am a recent graduate from the University of Portland with a degree in Organizational Communication. I have a passion for creative projects and learning new skills and a knack for using my millennial knowledge to revamp social media presences. When I’m not working, I’m taking photos or playing music, and I am a sucker for sunny days. Originally from Southern Oregon, Portland has yet to show me something weirder than my hometown.

Where do you go to escape Portlandia?

When I head out of Portland, I’m on my way into the woods away from Portland traffic. I love spending time outside the city camping with friends and taking pictures of the stars. My favorite past time is floating down a clear river in an inner tube.

When you’re not working, you are probably?

Until recently, I wasn’t working since homework is a never-ending battle, so I’m figuring it out! I love taking photos and playing music in my spare time and you’ll often find me reading a good book in a sunny hammock.

Favorite Portland eatery?

RAMEN. If I want to go out to food, it’s always Ramen. I’ve hit most spots in Portland at this point and have plans to create a ramen map/rating list of my favorite places. Come to me for all your ramen recommendations and needs.

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