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Calla Rudolph

Developer/Digital Producer

Calla Rudolph

Originally from a rust belt city perpetually covered in snow (Buffalo, NY), Calla Rudolph has lived in Portland for almost six years. She initially studied hotel management and had been successfully leading teams towards opening new properties and renovating existing ones. With each hotel, Calla learned that she is always craving change and challenge, so in 2017 she decided to quit her job and enroll in Portland coding school, Epicodus. Each day she was challenged to produce quality work and was able to leave the program with over 100 projects built. Calla joined Daylight as an intern through Epicodus, creating an automated testing tool to streamline their rigorous QA process. She is now on a mission to determine where her former career skills best fit in with the development world. Outside of work, Calla can be found spending a questionable amount of time watching shows like Hoarders and House Hunters with her cat Daisy, and rescue pup, Ollie.

What motivates you to succeed at your job?

At Daylight, I’m surrounded by people who take such great pride in their work. I’m inspired to provide value to the team and learn how to achieve the best solution. It also helps to be supported by everyone so that I can support them in return!

Where do you go to escape Portlandia?

I’ve lived in St. Johns for over three years. Though it’s only a fifteen-minute drive from downtown Portland, it feels like a tiny, close-knit neighborhood on its own peninsula. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing the beautiful St. Johns bridge, with its ever-changing background of fog and foliage.

What is the most valuable tip you’ve received about your career?

“Don’t do it.” - When I had initially discussed learning web development, there were a few naysayers who discouraged me from trying something new. I was told that I wouldn’t enjoy it. Listening to such succinct criticism put a fire beneath me, and within one year I had successfully made the shift into the tech industry. I’m so grateful that I didn’t brush my fears and discouragement under the rug.

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