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Tamarack Aerospace Design and Development Partnership

Tamarack Aerospace Design and Development Partnership

We at Daylight have had the pleasure of partnering with a rapidly growing Idaho startup that works in the aerospace engineering industry. We’ve worked with several innovative companies in the tech world, but when the high-tech engineers at the Tamarack Aerospace Group approached us for help showcasing their work, we were immediately intrigued by their product. What tech geek out there doesn’t get excited about the possibility of working on a project focused on innovative, cutting edge technology? And that’s just what this project was as Tamarack excels at developing cutting-edge aircraft hardware (specifically their patented Active Winglet green technology) that helps jets fly more efficiently.

Tamarack Aerospace Idaho hanger team meeting

We reviewed the website and marketing materials at a 5,000 foot view to see how the business was presenting themselves. Our findings were not a surprise for a small, fast growing company whose focus is on their technology offering. The brand’s voice was not coming through from the marketing materials, and the website was not helping answer the big questions. We decided it would be best to take a step back to a branding exercise before diving into a site redesign. This approach is not uncommon, and we applauded Tamarack for being open to our recommendations. 

Brand Strategy

So what does a “branding exercise” look like? For Tamarack we focused on mission and values first, to help align the employees’ view of themselves. Daylight started by asking questions with an online survey sent to a large batch of employees. The questions ranged from abstract to very specific business goal related topics. We were able to uncover commonalities to create a cohesive brand voice. The strategy work set the tone, guiding the logo and copywriting tasks for the new marketing website.

logo design

The logo and style-guide were next. Daylight rebuilt the existing logo, showing options along the way of where it could go and what it looked like in a cleaned-up, modern form.

brand style guide design

When the Brand Strategy phase wrapped up, Daylight delivered a PDF and art files with the brand’s color palette displayed, new Typefaces identified, the updated logo shown, and the Mission & Values clearly stated.

Website Redesign

The website redesign was next which consisted of a larger project that cemented a strong relationship between Daylight and Tamarack. Starting with a content audit, we reviewed additions to the existing website that had compiled over years of business growth. Daylight retooled the sitemap to adjust the user flow, funneling traffic through “Technology” and “Innovation” content before diving into details about specific aircraft.

website redesign in device view

The resulting website is fully managed in Fuel CMS for Tamarack to add and change information as their products evolve. An active blog was built to house product testing spec and certifications, as well as company news.

custom Fuel CMS blog

Continued Growth

For a growing business, website content and page count don’t stop after launch. Tamarack has since expanded the About section with a Team module to display and manage team members on a landing page and individual detail pages.

custom Fuel CMS team module

A Media Gallery module and display pages were built for Tamarack after photo and video shoots of new products in use provided new, high-quality media. Managed in Flickr and YouTube, Daylight developers leveraged Fuel’s flexibility to pull in Tamarack third-party account data for display of their media in a branded, on-site experience.
custom Fuel CMS photo gallery

Why stop with the website when you’ve found a good design partner? When asked to help with printed marketing materials, Daylight gladly lent a hand in the production of:
Business cards

  • Hats
  • Letterhead
  • Direct mailer
  • Tradeshow booth posters
  • Powerpoint template

Positioned for growth with a strong brand, Tamarack continues to innovate and Daylight couldn’t be happier to work with such a wonderful partner.

Thank you Brian and Bill for your partnership and trust in our work.


Tyler Davis

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