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A New Site for Ruckus Composites

A New Site for Ruckus Composites

Located in Portland, Oregon (just down the street from the Daylight office, in fact), Ruckus Composites primarily focuses on the repair of carbon fiber bicycles. More than that though, their passion for conservation, art, science & engineering leads them to continuously refine and develop new repair technology to further the outdoor industry and leave the world better off than when they started.

Ruckus Composites bike repair shop

Ruckus Website Redesign and Development Project

Getting a carbon fiber bike repair can be a complicated process, so the Ruckus team needed a new site to help answer questions from customers about this process including frame shipping, cost, and average repair time. Working closely with founder Shawn Small on the content breakdown and infrastructure, the result was a fully editable CMS-driven site unique in design & layout. We paid close attention to the flow of the user, setting up lots of in-page navigation to keep them moving on to the next important piece of content. Through a set of blocks that can be stacked, Ruckus also has the ability to create new, unique pages after launch to share project updates.

Ruckus Composites services

A Form for Customers

To get back on the roads & dirt paths, customers need to be able to share details on their bike repair needs. A repair contact form was a big element of development and had to factor in the use of Podio, a third-party CRM system. We created a repair form style that was applied to the Podio form, and then applied to the new site.

Ruckus Composites get a repair form

CMS Powered Blog

The blog was also an important piece of the new site. Functionality included sorting by different categories or tags, and keyword searching. One specific category created was for featured projects that can also publish large hero images to the homepage. This allows Ruckus to continue sharing their work and new projects with customers & fans, while keeping the homepage content fresh at the same time.

Ruckus Composites blog post

Other highlights include:

  • A store for Ruckus to sell smaller creations such as shirts, water bottles, jerseys, etc.
  • Big imagery including slider to help showcase projects
  • Clear calls to action throughout the site
  • Clear messaging of Ruckus values including “Remade”, “USA”, and “Service through Science”

Ruckus Composites online store

A Personal Connection

We had a lot of fun working on this project, which was especially close to two members of the Daylight staff who ride as members of Team Ruckus. Since launch, we’ve heard great feedback through Ruckus from their customers and we’re excited to continue following along their projects on the new


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