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The PushPull Podcast

The PushPull Podcast

Almost a year and a half ago, I had lunch with Shawn, Dave and a mutual friend, Joel Barker. He was the person who had originally connected us when Daylight needed a web developer. While we were chatting, Joel and I joked about starting a podcast—but quickly decided we weren’t joking. So began the PushPull Podcast, and we’ve been releasing shows every two weeks since.

Because I’m a developer and Joel is a copywriter, we made the show’s theme pretty broad, “Making the Web”, which has turned into a real boon. We learn about all aspects of digital creation from professionals who touch every piece of a site, from the database to the SEO to the rough pen and paper sketches. We didn’t realized quite how much we would learn when we started out, but it has been an amazing journey.

It’s hard to pick favorites, but I culled out a few episodes to highlight here. We also did a 20th episode show that included summaries and thoughts from the previous guests if you want a broader overview and a deeper dive into what it takes to make a podcast.

  • Episode 5: The Crisis of Content
    I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the show that featured Shawn! We talk about putting content first and the ideal collaboration between content and design.
  • Episode 13: The 9 Crazy Content Moves you Must Try Tonight
    We try to pin down Isaac Szymanszyk, one of Daylight’s content partners, about what Content Marketing actually is.
  • Episode 19: Branding, the Scourge of Everything
    Our guest for this show was Eric Hillerns, co-founder of Design Week Portland. Joel struggles with what “brand strategy” people actually make, and what branding actually is, beyond the buzzwords. How can we steer clients to make their brand communicate authentically? And what does “authentic” mean anyway?
  • Episode 25: Have More Dumb Ideas
    From our previous show with Eric, we collaborated with Design Week to do a live recording of our show in their headquarters. We talk with David Steward, creative director at Postano, about dumb ideas, side projects, and giving even tiny ideas a chance.


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