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2014 year in review

January is the time of year we like to take a moment to get out of the weeds of the day-to-day and take a look around. We use this time not only to set goals for the upcoming year, but to reflect on the previous year’s accomplishments. They say you can’t know where you are going until you know where you’ve been.

By the Numbers

2014 was Daylight’s most productive year to date. The office was abuzz with activity and the numbers don’t lie:

  • 23 websites launched
  • 17,551 hours logged
  • 3 new team members
  • 500 office square feet added
  • $4284 donated to good causes
  • 18 blog posts
  • 983.4 miles biked for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance Bike Commute Challenge in September
  • 56 .lbs of coffee brewed
  • 70K Slack messages
  • 7/12 foosball tournaments won by Jonathan*

* Due to commuting injury, Jonathan participated in only 11 of 12 monthly foosball tournaments

Daylight Firsts

Last year was a year of a lot of firsts for Daylight. Many of which made it to our blog already but to recap:


A lot of our internal focus over the past year has been on ways we can finetune our processes with projects and communicate more efficiently with clients. For client projects, we use Basecamp to setup project timelines, handle message threads and assign todos. To augment Basecamp, we introduced some new tools in 2014 which have dramatically helped speed up various parts of our process:

Additionally, we now have bi-monthly internal process meetings and separate developer meetings for the group to discuss issues and suggest improvements.

Looking Forward

We’ve rolled into the new year with several major projects in the works and are excited to see them take shape over the coming months. Many thanks to our great clients and the talented Daylighters for making 2014 so memorable.

Bring on 2015!


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