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Coeur d'Alene Resort

When The Coeur d’Alene Resort moved to update its website, the Daylight team created a fresh redesign from the ground up that works equally well on any device. The client knew from research that its customers today may visit first on mobile devices, then on an iPad, before finally perhaps on a laptop.

resort booking website design and developemnt

Site Audit Research

With more types of devices browsing the Web every day, we wanted the site to perform well regardless of the technology used. As part of our research phase, we conducted a complete site audit. We found things to refresh and things to replace. We added new ideas and updated content for multiple screen sizes.
Design research wireframes

Fuel CMS Managed

By building the site over the FUEL content management system, Daylight gave the client's marketing team the power to update the text, promotions and images, without Daylight assistance or technical training.
Fuel CMS managed content
website homepage full page view

Mobile Optimized For Travelers

The result is that every page displays and reads beautifully on smartphones and tablets, as well as full-size computers. In addition, Daylight integrated CDA Resort's social media strategy with the new site, letting visitors share and connect with the latest information, promotions, and feedback.
responsive site design in iPhone device view
“Daylight finds solutions to accomplish our goals and fit within our budget.”
CDA Resorts responsive website design on multiple devices

Results That Speak For Themselves

Since its launch in April 2013, the new site has increased visits by 25% as well as time spent on the site. Mobile and tablet traffic exploded by up to 75%. And most importantly, the Resort is seeing 40% more online reservations since the redesign.
22% Site Visit Increase
55% Mobile Traffic Increase
74% Tablet Traffic Increase

Words We've Heard

Coeur d'Alene Resort

“Every day we receive compliments about how great and user friendly our site is. Daylight was incredibly easy to work with and did a great job of meeting our needs.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to supercharge their marketing/web efforts.“

J.J. Jaeger

Director of Sales & Marketing
Coeur d'Alene Resort

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