Daylight Studio

Shawn Mann

CEO, Founder

Shawn Mann

Since founding Daylight in 2002, Shawn Mann has led the studio’s design practice, client services, and creative strategy. He works to make sure that the brands and people who work with Daylight get what they want, understand what they need, and are happy with the results. In addition to the work, Shawn enjoys asserting his creative leadership as resident office DJ, playing guitar and casually dropping movie quotes into everyday conversations. He lives in Portland with his wife, three sons, four chickens and a black lab named Cash (as in the “Man in Black”).

What is the most valuable tip you’ve received about your career?

A boss of mine at Nike once told me that “there are things in this world that feed your stomach, and things that feed your heart.” I make an effort to have both in my work.

What is on your work music playlist?

This changes daily, but lately there has been a lot of Alt-J, Spoon, Gramatik, Cage the Elephant, and The Dead Weather.

When you’re not working, you can be found?

Numerous fields around Portland with my wife Jill, coaching/cheering on our three boys in various chaotic sports and activities.

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