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Alexander Ali


Alexander Ali

Born and raised in Kuwait, Alexander made his way into the states to get his BFA in Advertising at the Academy of Art University. Since then, he’s chosen to take a more hands-on approach to the design and production process. He has worked at both in-house and agency environments, acquiring a well-rounded skill set. When not working, Alexander can be found either playing his ukulele, hiking or immersed in a self-development course or book.

What motivates you to succeed in your job?

I want to make things work better—making other people’s lives easier.

What is on your work music playlist?

It goes in cycles, but currently a lot of Soul and Funk music. Marvin Gaye, Funkadelic, Al Green, Nina Simone, etc. If I need to focus on ideation and solutions, that’s when my ambient instrumental playlist (mostly world music) gets all of the attention.

Where do you go to escape Portlandia?

Luckily I already live in an “escape” from Portland, but when I need to get out of the community I live in, I go to hikes in forests, preferably by rivers.

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