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Kevin Jurgens

Developer, Project Manager

Kevin Jurgens

With a degree in Marketing from Oregon State University, Kevin set out in the late ’90s to be an Ad Man (prior to Mad Men making it all seem cool). After a two-year stint as an Art Director, he set out to start his own Ad Agency in Bend, Oregon. 11 successful years later, Kevin sold the agency in order to focus solely on the digital space. Kevin’s goal with Daylight is to understand and appreciate our partner’s brand to mesh creative with technology and execute seamlessly on that vision. Outside of Daylight, Kevin enjoys spending time with his 3-year-old son River, and when finding some spare time, pursues his lifelong hobby of fly fishing.

When you’re not working, you are probably?

Hanging out with my 3 yr old son River, and when I have extra time fly fishing or golf.

Where do you take first-time Portland visitors?

I find taking first-timers Portland visitors to the Gorge has the biggest impact.

What is on your work music playlist?

A full mix of genres, from classic country to hairbands from the 80’s.

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