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Richard Pastenes

Web Developer

Richard Pastenes

Originally from Chile, and now a proud US citizen, Richard is an experienced front end web developer with over half a decade of experience. With a Bachelor in Electronic Engineering and a born problem-solver, he has honed his troubleshooting skills over the course of his career. He is passionate about learning and keeping up with web development related concepts and technologies. He has deep regard and appreciation for great design. For him, there is nothing more rewarding than developing beautiful, fast and functional web apps.

What motivates you to succeed in your job?

The things that I build and how I build them. The sense of accomplishment of building a web app is only that much greater when the design and user experience are top-notch, which are things that I wouldn’t be able to achieve without a talented team of developers, PMs, AMs, web and UX/UI designers, and leadership. The tools used to build web apps are like shiny new toys for me and I’m always eager to play with and put to practice.

Where do you go to escape Portlandia?

Anywhere sunny and warm. Hawaii is my favorite place in the world. Cancun or Tulum Mexico are also amazing places to escape the gray dark days of the eternal Portland winter.

What is the most valuable tip you’ve received about your career?

All of these years spent as a developer have taught me this; never ever stop learning and be as excited about not knowing something as you are when learning something new.

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