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Annie Miteva


Annie Miteva

Annie’s interest in design started in high school while working at a local chocolate shop in her hometown where she helped to create custom packaging and labels for the confections they produced. She studied graphic design and visual art at OSU, meanwhile working at OSU doing graphic design and marketing for Student Health Services. After graduating, Annie moved to Portland and worked as a freelance designer to build strong foundational skills. As a member of the design team, Annie is excited to bring her creativity and focus to building engaging experiences for Daylight’s clients.

What motivates you to succeed in your job?

I’m passionate about design because it’s a way for me to use my skills to make the world around me a little bit more beautiful. To me, design doesn’t necessarily mean setting type or making a layout but doing the emotional labor of taking a risk and extending myself. I feel most fulfilled when I can use my skills to visually capture the needs of a client or team member.

When you’re not working, you are probably?

I love hiking and biking when it’s sunny. When it’s a typical, rainy Portland day, you can find me at a coffee shop reading, drawing, painting, or talking with a close friend.

What is on your work music playlist?

Everything from Folk to Bluegrass, to R&B and Indie.

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