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Kyle Chinick

Project Manager

Kyle Chinick

Kyle began his career as a project manager delivering brand experiences for retail-focused Fortune 500 companies. After working to deliver a wide variety of solutions, from graphics to store-wide fixture installations across the globe, Kyle made the jump to project managing in the web industry. With digital technology already near-and-dear to his heart (a.k.a something of an obsession) Kyle found this to be the perfect combination of his interests and hard-won skillset. Kyle is excited to be a part of the Daylight team, helping brands measurably improve their impact in the digital space. Outside of the office, you can find Kyle spending time with family, lifting things up and setting things down in the gym, or continuing a game of Dungeons & Dragons that he and his friends started over 15 years ago.

What is the most valuable tip you’ve received about your career?

Be valuable. This can manifest in different ways but always involves going the extra mile. Merely showing-up not only leads to stagnation in your career but also hinders your team’s goals. Whether it’s simply double-checking a report or taking the time to learn something outside of your normal role, always bring more than what is required to every interaction.

What is your favorite phone app?

ITTT (If This Then That). It’s an app that lets you automate different digital services. Whether it’s automatically turning the lights off and the heat down when I leave my house or having my grocery list pop-up when I get to the store, I love tinkering with the different options and seeing what I can streamline for my day.

When you’re not working, you are probably?

At the gym, reading, or having a bad pun competition with my fiance.

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