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Alan Robinson

Director of Strategy

Alan Robinson

Hailing from the land of the meat and three, Alan moved to Portland in the early 2000’s with his wife, JJ, and their three-legged dog, Sierra, to hike the the Cascades and drink Northwest IPAs straight from the vine. Not soon after did he find his true path and love for making ideas happen. He couldn’t be more excited to have found a home at Daylight.

From strategizing with large corporations to consulting with consumer and B2B startups, Alan has partners with Daylight’s clients to build strong marketing programs and people focused brands. He’s a digital marketing and communications professional with over 15 years of multiple industry specialties and diversified experience: brand management and strategy, creative direction and production, lead generation and consulting. Most importantly, he has a clear understanding of how to build a brand or product in the millennial market and balance creative initiatives with measurable goals.

Where do you go to escape Portlandia?

The desert. After months of grey skies and drizzle, nothing beats some blistering heat, a cold beverage, and an obnoxiously large swimming pool.

What is the most valuable tip you’ve ever given or received about your career?

Every good leader knows this one - which was given to me early in my career and I continue to practice and pass it on. Listen more, talk less, and don’t assume. Solving complex business problems doesn’t have to be as difficult as we try to make them—especially if the focus is on hearing others, connecting the dots, and having pride in the solutions you create.

What is on your work music playlist?

When I’m digging into a heavy workflow, I’m usually listening to hip hop instrumental mixes and artists like J Dilla. Other days, my choices might range from Big Star and Brian Jonestown Massacre to Vince Staples. Either way, for 90% of every day, I’m listening to music that helps me get things done.

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