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Gateway Green Community Park Website Build

Gateway Green Community Park Website Build

Gateway Green is a new city park in Portland that few people know about. Nestled between the highway architecture of I-84 and I-205, it is located where the two highways cross paths in the Northeast corner of the city. This new 28-acre park has an exciting future, slated to become a world class city mountain bike park with both a flow track and single track trails.

Mountain Biker

Daylight got involved with the unique park after Kristin heard the calls for help from within the Portland mountain biking community. They needed more funding and to get it the Friends of Gateway Green (FOGG) group responsible for the park’s success needed an online marketing platform to amplify their voice and showcase their progress. FOGG’s existing website was dated and becoming overwhelming for readers to navigate. The content management system (CMS) was equally as difficult for the FOGG team to comfortably work in.

Seeing an opportunity to help the city and it’s biking community by supporting the new Park,  Daylight offered to donate time and energy to design and build a custom website.

User Flow

Mapping the Future

Reviewing the old Gateway Green website, we quickly recognized navigation issues and a confusing page structure that would take our team thoroughly analyzing and then strategizing a new approach in order to remedy this legacy content issue. Significant time was spent in the strategy phase, as we focused on remapping the site for a clear user flow for users learning more about the park as well as on wireframing how the FOGG team would organize their content for launch as well as the future.

Documents Library

Custom Management of Content

At Daylight when we think of the term “CMS” we think of “a tool to make a website live and breath”. Using FUEL CMS as the base for this project, we identified core content types that the FOGG team needed in order to showcase the park as well as their fundraising efforts - storytelling pages with images, a blog to talk about progress and a document library to name a few. The final product is a fully managed website that allows the FOGG team to easily add new content and make changes as the park evolves.


The Website

The new website is live and ready for use by Portlander’s searching for a place to enjoy a sunny day. The new homepage has clear navigation to get the reader into the most important information, like what’s available or how to access the park. Daylight was excited to see the site launch and very excited to turn the keys over the FOGG team who is adding pages and blogs posts to their new marketing engine. Plans are already in motion for expanding sections and updating navigational cues when the park project transitions from fundraising mode to trail building mode.

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