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Athletes 4 Cancer Website Launch

Daylight is pleased to announce the launch of the Athletes 4 Cancer website.  Athletes 4 Cancer is a non profit that focuses on rebuilding and renewing lives after cancer by offering programs that are designed to empower cancer survivors by helping them to find healing, strength and achievement through outdoor adventures.

The organization needed a website that had two primary functionalities:

Firstly, the organization needed a site that provided cancer survivors with information on their programs.  The site needed to showcase these events and provide images and information on the what Athletes 4 Cancer does.

Secondly, the organization needed a site that functioned as a fundraising tool.  Volunteering and donating had to be straightforward for visitors.  At the same time, the site had visually entice visitors to explore the site, as the site also needed to function as an information tool by raising awareness about the organization’s cause.

The Athletes 4 Cancer site showcases inspiring imagery and makes navigating as a program participant, volunteer and donor straightforward.  Internal personnel are able to control and update the site, as it is driven by FUEL CMS.

It was a wonderful pleasure to donate time to this amazing cause.  Perhaps we’ll see you at their next event, Kiteboarding 4 Cancer!

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Anna Gillespie

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