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Meet the Newest Additions to Team Daylight

Meet the Newest Additions to Team Daylight

We truly consider our team to be the “secret ingredient” to our success here at Daylight. So, In honor of Employee Appreciation Day on March 6, we thought we would take a moment to shine a quick spotlight on the newest members of the Daylight team. Without the creative and driven individuals that make up this team, we wouldn’t be able to make the impact that we do, with our clients and our community.

Lucy Li

Lucy, the developing wiz, grew up in China and left to pursue a Linguistics degree at Western Oregon University, as well as M.S. in ESOL/Bilingual Education. Her educational background empowered her learning capability; with a dream in her heart, she began to teach herself web development through online coding tutorials, and in 2016, she decided to go back to school to get a degree in Computer Science to pursue it as a full-time career. She loves breaking things down, learning new tools and methods, and sees web development as an expansive universe where she can create anything and is passionate about creating solutions and experiences that solve problems and help clients.

Outside of the office, you can still find Lucy using her dev chops working together with her husband to build their own social media and networking app, GroupValley, which recently went live and can be used to meet new people, make new friends, and host events online. When she’s not working on development projects, Lucy spends her time hiking, swimming, cooking (she makes a mean burger, earning her the unofficial title of grillmaster in the office), watching her favorite show, Spongebob Squarepants (highly underrated), or reading her favorite book series, Harry Potter.

Sabrina Brooks

Joining us in as our resident Digital Strategist, Sabrina hails from the land of ice and snow (cue the Led Zeppelin), Iceland, and got her start in digital marketing at the age of 15 after taking an interest in the family business and joining the ranks of a local digital marketing agency in San Diego, California. She started off her career with mostly content, copywriting and social media work before making her way through most of what marketing has to offer. Her specialties include Facebook advertising funnels, messenger marketing, SEO, and customer acquisition, but she maintains a can-do attitude about her work and insists on learning new things and challenging herself with projects that she may otherwise be unfamiliar with. Here at Daylight, she manages SEO, content, social media, copywriting, keyword, ABM, and PPC for both internal and client projects.

When she’s not working, Sabrina can usually be found cooking (or more accurately, eating), listening to music, alternating reading one of the (too many) books that she has on rotation, making art (painting, drawing, or digital art), running, or singing (at least until someone complains). Her other interests consist of her ever-growing list of causes including veganism, feminism, conscious-consumption, mental health and trauma awareness, environmentalism, and racial justice.

Annie Miteva

The latest addition to the Design Team, Annie is an incredibly talented designer and illustrator. Her interest in design started in high school while working at a local chocolate shop in her hometown (the dream job, really) where she helped to create custom packaging and labels for the confections they produced. She studied graphic design and visual art at OSU, meanwhile working at OSU doing graphic design and marketing for Student Health Services. After graduating, Annie moved to Portland and worked as a freelance designer to build strong foundational skills. As a member of the design team, Annie is excited to put her creativity and focus on building engaging experiences for Daylight’s clients.

Ever the artist, Annie’s talents extend beyond graphic design. She spends her free time drawing (her art can be found on her Instagram), dancing, and putting on dazzling performances for the best audience there is; her cat—a harsh, but fair critic. Outside of her artistic pursuits, she enjoys a good tv binge as much as the rest of us, with her favorites consisting if Avatar: The Last Airbender and Pushing Daisies.

Kyle Chinick

Our newest Project Manager extraordinaire, Kyle began his career delivering brand experiences for retail-focused Fortune 500 companies. After working to deliver a wide variety of solutions, from graphics to store-wide fixture installations across the globe, Kyle made the jump to project managing in the web industry. With digital technology already near-and-dear to his heart (a.k.a something of an obsession) Kyle found this to be the perfect combination of his interests and hard-won skillset. Kyle is excited to be a part of the Daylight team, helping brands measurably improve their impact in the digital space.

Outside of the office, Kyle can be found geeking out on Lord Of The Rings (has a marathon every year) and modern project management history (who knew Toyota invented the Kanban system?), working on cars (his favorites to work on being Mini Coopers because they are always falling apart) and planning his upcoming wedding with his fiance, Susan. He also enjoys spending his time outdoors hiking and skiing, weightlifting, reading (his favorite book being Dune), and (not) taking care of his two struggling houseplants.

Looking Forward

As our team grows, we open our doors to some truly incredible and unique individuals, and we couldn’t be happier with the collaboration and innovation we have seen as a result. Only three months into 2020, we have made major strides as a team, and with the help of the latest additions to Team Daylight, we can say for certain that the future looks bright.


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