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The Dougy Center: Supporting Grieving Families Through the Holidays

The Dougy Center: Supporting Grieving Families Through the Holidays

They say that time flies when you’re having fun, and 2019 has truly been an incredible year for the Daylight team. As a result, we blinked, and before we knew it, the holiday season was upon us. And while for most of us, this is a season of joy, gratitude, and family, it is important to remember that others may not be so lucky. For many, the holiday season can be a time of sadness or grief.

Comfort for Those Who Need It Most

This season, Daylight has partnered up with The Dougy Center to give back to the community and support kids and families that are experiencing exactly that. The Dougy Center supports children, teens, young adults, and their families that are grieving a death by giving them a safe place to share their experience with trained facilitators and other families that are experiencing the same loss.

One of the many ways The Dougy Center supports these kids this time of the year is by providing them with art supplies to have a creative outlet to express their feelings and cope with the grief, and by giving each of them a stuffed animal for comfort. To keep this wonderful initiative going strong, Daylight is running a holiday drive to collect stuffed animals and art supplies to donate to The Dougy Center.

How You Can Contribute

If you are interested in contributing, we will be accepting donations through the end of the year. We will be collecting: New, medium-sized stuffed animals, and new, or gently used art supplies such as watercolor paints, paintbrushes, washable paints of all kinds, glue sticks, colored pencils, pastels, and markers, as well as high-quality magazines for collages.

We are also encouraging donations to both The Dougy Center and our friends at ChickTech through Willamette Week’s Give!Guide. For those unfamiliar with ChickTech, it is a non-profit that engages women and girls of all ages in the technology industry to help create a safe, inclusive, and innovative technology future that includes equal pay, participation, and treatment of women. If you are interested in contributing, simply click on each of the names directly above to go to their corresponding pages on the Give!Guide website.

From all of us at Daylight, we are wishing you a warm and restorative holiday, and thank you for your support!


Sabrina Brooks

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