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Daylight Launches A New Home for The Springs Living

Daylight Launches A New Home for The Springs Living

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new website for The Springs Living! We were tasked with solving two major challenges our client was facing:

  • Rising management costs for search engine marketing (SEM) and multiple websites
  • Thirteen microsites and thus a disjointed web presence

We worked with The Springs Living team to restructure thirteen microsites into one comprehensive site that meets their brand needs. The result? A new SEO-optimized site that is built on a robust CMS making the website management much simpler and faster for their team. Moreover, the new site makes it easy for users to learn about The Springs Living brand and search for a community that meets their needs (both services offered as well as location).

The best part? A dramatic increase in customer calls immediately following the website launch and positive client feedback: “I have never had this much traffic on the phone in such little time!”

We call that a success!


Anna Gillespie

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