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Daylight Retreats to Idaho to Celebrates 12 Years

Daylight Retreats to Idaho to Celebrates 12 Years

Sometimes you are so head down in your work that it takes time away from it to honestly reflect and assess how you are doing as a business.

After 12 years, we had yet to do that as an entire team and so a prescription for three days of relaxation, recreation, team-bonding and taking stock of Daylight was in order.

team kayaking on lake Coeur d'Alene

sunset walks on the lake

The Coeur d’ Alene Resort is one of Daylight’s oldest clients with a partnership that spans eight years and three websites. However, many of the team members had yet to visit so it was an easy destination decision for us. Besides, what better way for everyone to understand a client then to completely experience their business. And boy did we ever. From the amazing golf course (the one with the floating green that’s on all the golf magazine covers), to the massive lake surrounded by the beautiful scenery. Not to mention the downtown filled with specialty shops and delicious restaurants. There’s also something about working while looking over The Coeur d’ Alene lake on the deck of your hotel room that puts in perspective how lucky we are to be doing this for a living.

Daylight group dinner at Fire pizza house

It wasn’t all fun and games of course. We spent hours discussing ways to improve Daylight which covered the gamut from technology trends and development platforms, to our client partnerships and standing in the business community.

team work and strategy session at the resort

Everyone came away re-generated and focused (and perhaps a little tired and full). Most importantly, the crew was proud of the work we’ve done and excited about where we are headed.

Mission accomplished.

A special thanks to The Coeur d’ Alene Resort for the great hospitality, amazing food, and recreational activities they provided. Can’t wait to come back.

group beach walk

resort boat ride on the lake with Dan giving directions


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