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Letterpressed Business Cards for Daylight

Letterpressed Business Cards for Daylight

As our Daylight team has grown, we’ve felt the need for new business cards to reflect our fresh new group.  To some this is a quick and simple project, and certainly not a blog-worthy one.  But we at Daylight refused to take the easy route.  Instead of reprinting an outdated design, we started back at square one.  When it comes to your own business, nothing is good enough and this project was held against that high bar.  A growing company that sells design needs to present attractive cards when meeting new people (and potential clients!), so we went the extra mile and had beautiful letterpressed cards printed here in Southeast Portland.

letterpress business cards

digital design agency letterpress business cards

I’ll save you the longwinded story about round after round of internal design reviews; after all, the finished cards speak for themselves.  The significant story to tell is the printing process.  At Daylight we invest deeply in our web design and development process.  With each site we build, we review how the project moved through the office, pinpointing our successes and weaknesses to better our process.  We chose to print our new cards on a letterpress because you can see and feel the process when you hold a card. Our cards now tell our story and express our love for the process in any project we take on.

Keegan Wenkman letterpress printing cards

Portland Oregon letterpress

Shawn and Dave decided to have the cards printed by a local letterpress printer, Keegan Wenkman of KEEGANMEEGAN & CO. printing.  Letterpressed cards are a thing of beauty in the design world.  Deeply stamped on thick card stock, these layered ink cards incite an extra moment of review and admiration upon hand-off to their recipient.  As a letterpress student in college, I will say that there is a special physicality in these cards and the press experience that keeps this dated printing process in high demand.  Keeganmeegan & Co’s studio is close by to the Daylight office so I cruised over on the day our cards were begin printed to enjoy the sounds and vibration of the press.

So, when you meet a Daylighter at an event or business meeting, please ask for a card and then feel our deep respect for design and process.  We’d love to share with you.


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