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Doggie Dash

Doggie Dash

We’re dog people. Nearly every member of our team has one dog (at least), and we regularly welcome our dogs into our office space while we work. So as this year’s Oregon Humane Society Doggie Dash approached, we knew we wanted to join in on the fun.

The Oregon Humane Society’s Doggie Dash is an annual run/walk to raise funds for OHS to rescue and shelter pets in need. The day is filled with food, music, and canine contests & clinics. This year’s Doggie Dash boasted about 6,800 participants who raised over $500,000 to support Oregon’s pets.

To prepare for the Doggie Dash, we began by taking the “Are You a Super Pup?” quiz. There are five simple questions with answers from the point of view from your dog. The playful and realistic responses got us excited to have fun with our pets and meet lots of new dogs!

Daylight team participating in the Doggie Dash

Saturday morning arrived and we all met near the Blue Star Memorial on Naito Parkway. We were immediately impressed by the incredible amount of dogs in attendance and their adorable costumes. OHS encouraged participants to dress their dogs in costume in attempt to break the world record for most costumed dogs in one place. There were superheroes, ballerinas, sports stars, and even a dog wearing a tiny saddle with an even tinier cowboy in tow. (Unfortunately, we didn’t quite make the record, and St. Louis reigns champion with over 1300 dogs in costume at once.)

Dogs are chute but Jonathans dog is really cute

The dogs (and their humans) were relieved and excited when the run/walk began, and everyone could get moving and spread out. Members of the Daylight team, along with our dogs and families, took off on the 2.5 mile path down Naito Parkway, across Hawthorne Bridge, and back around Steel Bridge to the parkway. Along the way we shared stories, met big dogs, little dogs, wrinkly dogs, fluffy dogs, an enormous pack of corgis, and even a sleeping cat being pushed in a stroller.

After the walk, dogs and humans alike were ready for some food, and we split up to enjoy the rest of the festival and lovely Portland day. Participating in Doggie Dash was a wonderful experience for team bonding outside of the office, and a great opportunity to give back to the community.


Erika Osurman

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