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New Office Bike

New Office Bike

Each morning, more than half of the Daylight office arrives by bike.  Drying riding gear and hanging bikes from wall hooks are a common sight.  Our enthusiasm for bike commuting is shared by many Portlanders, who help maintain a strong bike culture within the city.  Just to give you an idea of our city’s strength in numbers, local businesses signed up to log their employee’s bike trips to work during the month of September, deemed the Bike Commute Challenge.  During the 2013, there were more than 1 million miles logged.

2013 BTA Bike Commute Results:

Participating workplaces: 1,290
Participating riders: 10,555
Trips logged: 114,984
Miles biked: 1,151,686

2013 Daylight Office BTA Bike Commute Results: 

Participating riders: 3
Trips logged: 49
Miles biked: 417

Biking Benefits

When you bike to work, you slowly start to recognize the benefits and, inevitably, you get hooked.

  • the best parking
  • reduced traffic
  • a fresh air wake up
  • higher blood flow
  • excitement
  • unwind from a day of computing

Of course, with all great things there are down sides as well.  I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not all fun and games.  There are many small aspects of the commuting process that become tedious and even tiresome.  The benefits still outweigh driving, but consider changing into office clothing, changing flat tires, cleaning chains, lugging bikes up stairs and getting sweaty as a few hurdles to overcome.  From these small adversities, grows a sense of pride and camaraderie. 

The New Bike

Daylight office road bike
We’re ready to admit our weakness for all things bike related at Daylight.  With the help of partner and friend Conveyor; founder, Isaac Szymanczyk,  Daylight is the proud new owner of a custom branded steel road bike, built in Sellwood.  This addition to the team is not just a wall hanging office piece: you can’t miss the Daylight orange frame ripping around the inner Southeast during lunch break.  Stop and say hi if you see us in the neighborhood. 

Daylight office road bike with white wheels


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