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Movember: Let the Mo-staching Begin

Movember: Let the Mo-staching Begin

Being female and genetically unable to participate in Movember, I thought it was an excellent idea last year to suggest (read: bulldog) our then team of all guys to participate.  Who doesn’t want to shave off all facial hair and then suffer through the unfortunate solitary whisker and smattering of whiskers stages involved in growing a mustache in order to raise awareness of and money for prostate cancer research?  “WHO?!?” I ask.  And, thus, the Daylight team volunteered (read: caved) and shaved their faces for a good cause.

Having gone through the joys of Christmas card photos being taken while early/mid-stache, wives staring at the staches while talking (the eyes are up here, ladies), and overall giggles/cringes from random strangers, the Daylight men were again ready to take up their razors for a good cause this Movember.

And in classic Daylight style, when faced with an extreme competition (we’ve found fooz games will do this to you), the trash talking began (it didn’t help that two controversial winners both claimed victory in 2012).  For everyone’s amusement and their chagrin, I’ve included their diatribe below:

Shawn: I look forward to defending my donation title…

Dave: I believe that title was mine… but really… who’s counting…

Dave's a pretty, pretty PonyShawn: You can believe whatever you want (your trucker-stache wasn’t creepy or you are delicate, pretty pony, etc.), but you lost.  It wasn’t even close.  Your big brother “sponsor who shall remain nameless” donation came in like February.  It is called Movember, not Movemberwheneverdavedecidesheisfinished.

2012 ResultsDave: I thought a picture with the donation amounts and the part where it says 2012 would be enough to finally convince you that you lost. Not only did you lose, but I beat you and the entire office combined. Ouch. I can understand why that would hurt and you would want to be so defensive. I can also understand why you’re kicking yourself for not claiming the bad*ss Trucker Style (that’s right, I capitalized it)...  I also can’t help it if “sponsor who shall remain nameless” has decided to take me on as one of their sponsors…they like winners you know…oh wait. But cancer is the real loser here right?  Peace!

Shawn: Yes, “sponsor who shall remain nameless” likes “winners”.  True to form, you are the Lance Armstrong of Movember.

Dave: Thank you… as a male cancer survivor, he represents 1 of the millions of men out there that we are doing this for!

Shawn: Well played.  D*mn, why couldn’t I have gone with one of the other cheaters?  walked right into that one.  Tiger Woods of Movember?  no, that has other implications…

Stay tuned for the outcome, but with the recent $200 donation Dave just received (and the sponsor’s matching $200), if I were a betting gal, my money might just be on him.  I mean, GO SHAWN!  ‘Cause who doesn’t love an underdog?

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