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At Daylight we have a tendency to quote movies…often.  As many great movies center on gambling, it was difficult not to have movie quotes and songs running through my head while working on the new Indian Head Casino website.  Luck was a lady (that’s the only one, I promise!) and we are pleased to announce the launch of the new Indian Head Casino website.

Having just rebranded with a lovely new logo (bravo Cappelli Miles), Indian Head Casino wanted a lovely new site to match.  Our goal in redesigning the site was to create an easily navigable, visually stimulating, and informational site on the front end.  In stark contrast to the old site, the new Indian Head Casino site showcases imagery that provides a user with a glimpse into the Casino.  Responding to the Casino’s myriad of events, we designed and developed a clean, organized page of events that features filters for both dates and categories.

On the back end, we wanted to make our client’s life easier.  Updating promotions on the old site was an all day affair.  Using FUEL CMS, we developed a Promotions module that makes managing and updating promotions a quick task rather than an ordeal. They can even generate promotional HTML emails with a few clicks!

I have a tendency to suggest Daylight Trips, particularly after we finish a destination site.  So far these suggestions have been shot down (especially any mention of Mexico or Hawaii), but this time I have it figured out - Daylight Trip to Indian Head Casino and then on to Coeur d’Alene!

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