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It’s n̶o̶t̶ Easy Being Green: Bandit Website Launch

Working with the “Three Thieves” on a site for Bandit Wines, we knew from the names that fun was in store. And right we were, as these thieves seemed to support the “go big or go home” theory.

For Bandit Wines, a brand of our longtime client Trinchero Family Estates, now was the optimal time to redesign the site. They were undergoing rebranding and wanted a site that matched their new look. When we started designing the new site we realized our challenge: creating a site that conveyed the quality of the wine while explaining the reasoning behind boxed wine (an often stigmatized packaging).

The site is vibrantly colored (no guts, no glory), the copy is short and to the point, and attention is drawn to the awards bestowed on Bandit Wines as well as to the reasoning behind boxing rather than bottling wines. The end result is a colorful, fun site that reflects the boldness of the Bandit team and explains the reasoning behind boxing wines (both eco-friendly reasons and other fun reasons in the forms of awards).

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Anna Gillespie

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