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We pride ourselves on putting our clients first and, as a result, we’ve ignored our own website for far too long. We are pleased as punch to announce the launch of our own new website.

Out with the old and in with the new!

Our new site boasts a clean, fresh look with a multitude of client imagery to illustrate just exactly what we do each and every day: design and develop inspiring, visually stimulating and well organized sites.

During the past year, Daylight transformed through several noteworthy events. Not only did we have our best year in our history in terms of production but, too, our team grew from three to five and we redesigned our office space to meet our growing needs. The last piece of our transformation was a new site.

The site was built on the upcoming 1.0 version of our content management system FUEL CMS. A little birdy might have let it be known that a new website for FUEL CMS is up next – stay tuned!

When we began designing our new site, we sat down as a team to discuss the important elements of our new site:

  • Focus on our team – we are such a tight and cohesive group that we wanted to draw attention to the people behind the projects
  • Bright and fresh – an utter revamping of the old, darker site, we did a 180 with a nod to our old site in the footer design
  • Responsive – while our old site worked on mobile and tablet, we wanted to make our new site optimized for mobile and tablet use
  • Social – we’d previously concentrated on Daylight’s social life but since our team is extremely social, we wanted to share our individual tweets, music taste (or lack of), contact information and work background
  • Careers – we’ve grown a lot in the past year and we’re still growing. In designing our new site we wanted to focus more on our desire to add new talent to our team
  • FUEL CMS – we wanted to more clearly tie our website to the FUEL CMS (the content management system developed by our team) website
  • Fun (i.e., what we, admitted tech nerds, consider fun) – little details like spinning logos during loads, lazy loading images and some subtle HTML 5 transitions add a finished polish to the site

We hope you’re happy with the new Daylight site, because we certainly are!

The Daylight Team


Anna Gillespie

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