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Personalize Your Wine Website Launch

Far too often forms are long, dreary, seemingly never-ending doldrums. With the new Personalize Your Wine website for our longtime client Trinchero Family Estates, we wanted to make the form streamlined and, above all, enjoyable. Shouldn’t creating a label for a wine bottle be fun, after all?

Graphical in nature, the landing view lays out the simple process of personalizing labels using illustrative imagery. We designed the right navigation as a visual nod to the labels themselves.

Moving on from the landing view, a user is given the option of selecting a wine brand by cycling through the brand bottle images. We like to think it’s a bit more enjoyable than simply selecting a link from a drop down menu.

As a user continues down through the one page site, the wine bottle travels along as well. After the user fills out the label details and selects the design, he or she is able to preview the personalized label before completing the transaction.

At the end of the experience, the user has had an aesthetically appealing journey through label making, rather a less than thrilling trudge through a mundane form.

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Anna Gillespie

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