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BlackRapid Website Launch

The BlackRapid site, our most recently launched site, was a joint project with our long time design partner Hornall Anderson.  The result of our efforts is a visually enticing site that showcases the camera accessories company’s dealer locations, products, users, events and ecommerce store.

The new site integrates social sharing features, youtube videos and beautiful customer photography. The site also offers enables users to shop online.  BlackRapid’s ecommerce store uses NetSuite Commerce, which required third party integration with the external platform.

One the most interesting and challenging pieces of this project was developing a dealership locator map.  In addition to a map that locates dealership locations throughout the US, the site also features a global dealership list.  With products sold globally, it was important that BlackRapid’s site not be designed for English speakers only.  The site features a translation button, allowing people from across the globe to visit (and understand) the site.

The site was built using FUEL CMS, enabling the client to internally update and manage the site.

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